Binary Options Strategies

The demand for new binary options strategies has developed from both the increase in the number of binary options traders and the high quality of the binary options trading platforms that are now available on the market. Therefore, this comprehensive guide of binary options strategies shall provide you with the base for trading binary options with enough strategies to tackle turbulent market situations.

Purchase a Binary Option

The simplest of all strategies is to purchase a binary option. There are a number of binary options assets that you have the choice of purchasing. These include stocks, indices, forex and commodities. On each of these you can either employ a Call (if you think that the binary option will be higher than the strike price at the expiry time) or Put (if you think that the binary option will be lower than the strike price at the expiry time). You also have the option of selecting hourly, daily, weekly or monthly expiry times on your binary options from the beginning. Therefore, depending on the market circumstances affecting the particular asset, you can choose the binary option strategy that suits your trading needs.

Pick a Call and Put

The binary option strategy of selecting both Call and Put options almost simultaneously can be very tricky. But in order to widen your choices of binary options strategies, it can turn out to be a decisive strategy. It is often adopted when you think that your trade will lose or expire out of the money prior to the expiry time. The goal is to minimize losses, and this binary option strategy can become more attractive, especially as the market conditions get volatile. Additionally, with the fact that even if your initial trade expires out of the money, you are entitled to 15% return or even more, then your overall losses will be at a minimum.

Double Your Money

If you do not have much experience with binary options trading, then maybe this binary options strategy is far-fetched. But if you already have experience trading binary options, then you can put the double your money by putting this binary options strategy into practice. This is one of the most popular trading options amongst intermediate and professional binary options traders. For example, you purchase one $100 Call option on the Nasdaq at 2333. If you see that the trade is is winning, then purchasing another Call option may be an attractive option. The upside of this binary option strategy is that you can add to the large profits of your original investment. If this is done consistently, then you can make thousands of dollars per month.

Playing it Safe

Playing it safe is one of the most significant binary options trading strategies. If you want to understand this binary options strategy inside out, then you need to read the following carefully. Sometimes when the markets are volatile and you see an opportunity to make some nice profits from your favorite binary options assets, you may be swayed to throw a large portion of your money into a trade or 2. But you need to think logically all the time whilst trading binary options. We all want to make money, but the most effective way is being consistent. Therefore, over time, your aim should be to make moderate profits and minimal losses.

All of the binary options trading strategies, including this one will help you become a professional binary options trader in no time. When you question your trading just read this binary options strategy guide. This will ensure that you will have the basic knowledge to keep confident in the most difficult market situations.

Binary Options Brokers – Introduction

The one thing that will determine your binary options trading experience is which binary options broker that you end up choosing. It is good to know that there are now numerous binary options brokers to choose from. However, 2 years ago there were only 1 or 2 binary options brokers on the market. The reason for the multiplication of binary options brokers is the rapid development of online trading technology. Additionally, with demand from online investors growing at a very quick pace this was a natural development.

Why All the Fuss

Most binary options traders make a fuss about choosing the right binary options broker, because they want to receive the best conditions while trading, or better said “trading with optimal conditions.” Choosing the best binary options broker can be difficult as some of the conditions are better at binary options broker “A”. However, the other conditions may well be better at binary options broker “B”. Even though it can be a long process, prior to trading binary options, you’ll need to find the binary options broker with the best overall conditions.

In the Money

With binary options trading, when your trade or binary option wins, it is termed “in-the money.” From broker to broker, the amount of return that you receive for each winning trade varies. At some brokers it is around 70% and with other brokers it is 81%. However, these figures change all the time. Therefore, even if you have chosen your binary options broker, and begin trading, you may have to change to a different binary options broker if they provide you with better trading conditions in the future. Additionally, you will need to look internally into each binary options trading platform, because the return on each asset can vary. For example, the percentage return on Oil, Gold, the Dow Jones and the EUR/USD may be very different on one particular binary options trading platform.

Out of the Money

Prior to choosing your binary options broker, you should become familiar with the term “out-the money.” This term refers to your trade losing. But the advantage with binary options brokers over other online brokers is that they offer you a percentage of your original investment back, even if your trade is “out-the money.”  The percentage return varies from broker to broker; the most common is 15%, but some brokers offer even higher percentages. So when you look for a binary options broker, this is something that you’ll need to place close attention to. Therefore, even if your trade loses during your binary options trading experience, you are able to carry on trading, and make more money.


One of the most important trading conditions that you will need to look out for prior to picking your binary options brokers is reliability. It is recommended that you learn about the history about each particular binary options broker that you may be interested in. Also, if possible, read about different customer reviews. This is important, because you can learn how quickly each binary options broker returns the funds back into your trading account after your binary options has expired.

Please take into account this also depends on the deposit method that you deposited funds into your account through. But despite this, most binary options brokers transfer the money back into your trading account after your option has expired. In addition, you should also try and find out about regulations of the binary options broker you choose, and the amount of time it takes for them to transfer money from your trading account to your bank account.

Binary Options / Fixed Return Options

You may have heard of options trading or forex trading, but now for those of you that don’t know, binary options/fixed return options is taking its hold on the online investment industry. Due to the increased demand from the world’s leading investors and traders, a binary option trading, or what some have termed as fixed options trading, has come to the forefront. In some ways, the term fixed return options gives you clues about what it’s all about.

In the context of binary options, when we speak of fixed return options, both are the same. As you can infer from the name, with fixed return options, the returns are fixed from the outset. Please note that to those traders out there, people more often refer to binary options as binary options, rather than fixed return options. Binary option’s foothold on the online investment/trading market has continued to gain a strong foothold in the past 2 years, due to both the straightforwardness and the advantages of binary options trading.

No Experience Required

For those of you that want to start trading binary options today, but have no prior experience, don’t worry because no experience is required. The main reason for this is that trading with binary options is very simple and straightforward. You can learn about binary options as you trade. This has been enabled through the rapid advancements of binary options trading platforms within the last 12-18 months. What’s more, as the number of binary options trading platforms has multiplied, so have advancements in the trading conditions.

High Profits/Returns

One of the most attractive aspects of binary options/fixed return options is the high profits and returns that you can make. This varies from binary options trading platform to binary options trading platform, but depending on the binary option or promotion campaign, the returns can seem endless. Let’s take the GBP/USD pair for example. If you place a $500 Call option at the 1.6890 level, with an end-of-day expiry time, and 80% profit if you are correct, and the pair expires higher at 1.7100, then you will liable for $900 return.

Only 2 Possibilities

The thing that makes trading binary options so simple is the fact that there are only 2 possibilities. Therefore, you employ a Call if you think that the option will expire higher than the current price or a Put if you think that the option will expire lower than the current price. Therefore, from the outset, to some extent, you already have a 50/50 chance of being right on your binary option expiring in the money. But if you are wise enough to learn about the financial markets, then this is likely to increase the possibility of you making huge profits from the world of binary options trading. All this requires is following key market events from the leading economies, and seeing what consequences this has on the variety of binary options that you follow.

Don’t Miss Out

After reading about all of the unique features and pluses of binary options, to miss out is out of the question! You have at your countless binary options trading platforms to choose from figure-tips, each one with its advantages. To enter the world of binary options now will give you the chance to be a professional binary options trader in no time. Additionally, as volatility in the financial markets increases, so does the opportunity to make quick profits from binary options. Don’t forget, binary options are available in various forms: forex, stocks, indices and commodities. Explore the possibilities and good luck!

Binary Options Trading Guide

Binary options investors continue to reap the benefits from binary options trading. But as demand for new technology increases, and that of online traders increases too, the development of a binary options trading guide has come about. This all-in-one binary options trading guide provides you with all the tools you need to trade binary options with confidence and flare in no time.

Trading Portfolio

The most basic part of this binary options trading guide advice is once you understand the basis of the global financial markets, you will regularly establish a trading portfolio. Once you start trading binary options, your trading portfolio may grow to include forex binary option, stock binary options, indices binary options and commodities binary options. These are all subcategories of binary options.

Minimize Risks

The main tip of this binary options trading guide is minimize risks. From the start of your binary options trading experience, you will need to minimize risks. Even if at times this could cap your losses, you’ll come to realize that in the long run, it can also cut your losses to a minimum. Most trading guides fail to provide you with information relating how to clearly succeed with binary options. However, this binary options trading guides is a unique guide that will help you understand how to hedge your trades.

For example, you place a put option on a trade, meaning that you expect the price at the expiry time to be below the current price at the expiry time. With most binary options trading platforms, even if you are out of the money you can receive 15 or 20% of your original investment or 75-81% profit if you are in the money.  So in this example you purchase Microsoft at $24.7843 and it expires in the money. So the $100 you deposited at 80% return will be $180.  On the other hand, if you have a feeling that your trade will be out of the money by the expiry time, then place a Call option on Microsoft. This binary options trading guide tip ensures that you minimize your losses.

Take it Easy

Our next binary options trading tip advises that you take it easy. You need to be relaxed when trading binary options. If you feel that you need to rush to make money, then you may make vital mistakes. You need to first understand the potential for gains and losses with the particular binary options trading platform that you are trading with. You may find that in the long run it is better to start trading smaller sums of money. But when you get more experienced and confident, you can build your trading portfolio and trade with large sums of money. This will ensure that you will only place large sums of money on binary options trades when you are experienced enough.

Understand the Markets

Our binary options trading guide recommends that you understand the markets prior to trading. It is true that no experience is required, but for optimum results much research is required. It is recommended that you at least follow 1 or more of your favorite assets for several weeks, as you’ll need to come to grips with the different financial turmoil affecting the world’s leading stocks, commodities, indices and forex. But to be a fine binary options trader, this binary options trading guide recommends that you constantly follow the financial markets on a daily basis. The 1 drawback of this is the time factors. However, on the other hand, the fact that you can make unlimited profits in the long run is a clear advantage.